Social Proof Widgets and Urgent Messaging for Ecommerce

Boost confidence with various social proof widgets to encourage visitors to engage or buy, by showing that others like them did. Social proof and urgency messaging allow you to use the power of persuasion to sell better and faster in your ecommerce store.

Social proof widgets like "Others are purchasing this product now!"

Show the visitor how many other customers are viewing the product being viewed. By showing them that the item is something others are interested in, they can feel more confident in their choice. 

Show the first names of visitors that purchased from the same location, who purchased recently, or show the quantity purchased. Messaging can be shown as popups or embedded content anywhere on the site, emails, or app.

Scarcity messaging

Create a sense of urgency and increase conversion by showing the visitor how many items you have left in stock. Again, this can be displayed anywhere on the product page, or in recommendations.

Use scarcity messaging based on quantity in stock or a limited time-frame to buy, such as for flights or concert tickets. Scarcity widgets can be shown anywhere on the website, emails, or forms, with any design.

Countdowns to create a sense of urgency

Insert a countdown timer into your product pages (or anywhere in your store) in order to make the visitor feel as if they have a limited time for the current pricing offer or coupon.

Use urgency messaging with various designs anywhere on your website, emails, or forms. Urge your visitors to buy using countdowns or alerts, based on factors such as quantity in stock, the time left before a sale ends, or a limited time-frame for purchase such as for flights or concert tickets.

API and Integerations

Works on any website, regardless of platform, all channels, and has full rest API available.

Even easier plug-and-play integrations with popular platforms, such as Segment, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

Content Widgets

Add any type of content to your site and emails, with many templates to get you started.

Personyze comes with many responsive templates for popups, sliders, countdowns, banners, recommendation displays, forms, and more.

QA and Testing

Verify before going live, with multiple tools to test, share with your colleagues, and analyze before publishing.

Use testing tools to make campaigns live only for you, your colleagues, or use the simulator to troubleshoot.

CRM and User Data

Utilize the data you already have, by integrating CRM data with Personyze, and grab new data from their sessions.

Your CRM is a treasure trove of data for marketing, and when plugged into our personalization engine, becomes a powerful asset.

White Glove Service

Managed Service is included, so that you have the option to rely on us partly or fully for campaign building and training.

With our white glove service, you will have campaigns built by us live on your site within your first week, so you start seeing results even when you're still getting the hang of it.

Performance Analytics

A detailed dashboard with completely customizable KPI tracking.

Tracking views, impressions, clicks, and purchases, plus reporting to Google Analytics by default. You can set custom KPIs to track any behavior.

Social proof made easy.

We set out to build a comprehensive platform, and that is what we offer: everything you need to optimize across channels using personalization technology and social proof psychology.

Let’s talk about how you can harness the power of marketing psychology with social proof messaging and urgency messaging to boost conversion.