Personalization Engine Features

Personyze combines artificial intelligence and powerful targeting to provide each visitor with a personalized, tailored experience that will keep them engaged, converting, and returning for more. This page will give you a summary of our personalization engine from top to bottom.

An All-in-One Personalization Engine

Dynamic Landing Pages

Create dynamic landing pages which adapt to each visitor in real time, using a comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources.

One and done

Create multiple versions of a single landing page for different roles, industries, referral campaigns, locations, and more.

A/B Testing

A/B testing for landing pages, personalized content, promotions, recommendations, and emails. Tweak it until you find what drives the highest conversion.

Test your guess

Test within targeted groups of visitors based on a comprehensive visitor profile, including CRM data, cart value, referral, pages visited, weather, geo-targeting, and more.

Social Proof

Boost confidence with various social proof widgets to encourage visitors to engage or buy, by showing that others like them did.

Boost Confidence

Get an edge on your conversion, and alleviate your end users' choice anxiety, making for a better and simpler site experience.

Smart Promotions

Display promotional popups or embedded banners using our powerful targeting engine, so that your visitors only see offers or messages that are relevant.

Start Marketing

Detailed settings allow you to show smart content based on specific triggers like exit intent, and to limit how often it's seen to avoid annoying visitors.

Push Notifications

Send personalized promotions and recommendations straight to customers' devices with perfect timing to keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Not just updates

Remind customers of items to refill, let them know about new content from their favorite author, or get them back to the site to complete their checkout with personalized push notifications.

Content and Product Recommendations

Recommendation engine with algorithms for different pages, and customized display widgets for site, email, and apps.

Site AI

Utilize each visitor’s individual interests, transaction history, and demographics, as well as machine learning that harnesses crowd wisdom extracted from similar visitors to generate highly personalized recommendations.

Email Personalization

Send automated, personalized, and targeted emails with dynamic content and AI based recommendations.

Not a number

Broadcast from our own system with automated workflows, and/or integrate with your third-party email provider. Every email is an opportunity to engage or sell.

Behavioral Targeting

Make your homepage banner, calls to action, and design unique to the end user's unique characteristics.

Static no more

Targeting allows you to create different versions of your site for each industry and each user.

Account Based Marketing

Tailor the site experience to individual high-value client accounts based on criteria like their industry, role in the company, or stage in your funnel.

Who matters

Show personalized content, promotions, messaging, and emails based on account data utilizing reverse IP technology and CRM integration.

Website Personalization

Use a combination of targeting and recommendation algorithms to deliver each visitor a personal cross-channel experience.

Expand your scope

Personalization can be extended to virtually any digital asset or channel, from third-party emails to mobile apps.

Open-Time Email Recommendations

Add email recommendations to your existing email campaigns without coding or IT integration.

Hands off conversions

In every email you send to your customers, from shipping confirmation to invoice, when they open the email you can show the products that they are most likely to buy, the accessories they want to have.

Exit Intent Popups

Take advantage of this critical moment, show just before they exit a personalized message that speaks directly to their specific needs with a value proposition they can’t refuse.

Last chance to convert

Trigger exit popups with content or product recommendations, auto-store locator map, personalized call to action, opt-in forms with dynamic selection, and many more.

Easy to Use, Built for Marketers

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Recommendation Algorithms

Here you’ll find a list of our most popular algorithms for content and products across website and emails.

goal 2

Personalization Targeting Rules

Here you’ll find a list of the 100+ visitor attributes that are available for targeting. An essential element of any personalization engine.

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Personalization Actions

Over 20 widgets to create beautifully designed and highly customized messaging, popups, banners, emails, and more.

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Personyze Integrations

Integrations with other data sources that contain valuable information about your visitors, whether they are third-party SaaS CRM solutions, or your own local DB, applications, or services.

API and Integerations

Works on any website, regardless of platform, all channels, and has full rest API available.

Even easier plug-and-play integrations with popular platforms, such as Segment, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

Content Widgets

Add any type of content to your site and emails, with many templates to get you started.

Personyze comes with many responsive templates for popups, sliders, countdowns, banners, recommendation displays, forms, and more.

QA and Testing

Verify before going live, with multiple tools to test, share with your colleagues, and analyze before publishing.

Use testing tools to make campaigns live only for you, your colleagues, or use the simulator to troubleshoot.

CRM and User Data

Utilize the data you already have, by integrating CRM data with Personyze, and grab new data from their sessions.

Your CRM is a treasure trove of data for marketing, and when plugged into our personalization engine, becomes a powerful asset.

White Glove Service

Managed Service is included, so that you have the option to rely on us partly or fully for campaign building and training.

With our white glove service, you will have campaigns built by us live on your site within your first week, so you start seeing results even when you're still getting the hang of it.

Performance Analytics

A detailed dashboard with completely customizable KPI tracking.

Tracking views, impressions, clicks, and purchases, plus reporting to Google Analytics by default. You can set custom KPIs to track any behavior.

Personalization made easy.

We set out to build a comprehensive engine, and that is what we offer: everything you need to optimize across channels using personalization technology. 

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Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page. This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful recommendations, this is easy to set up on your website.